Five Nights at Freddy’s, get ready for the scariest night of your life

Five Nights at Freddy’s is one of the best horror theme video games out there. If you are playing this game for the first time then be ready to get scared while playing. But you cannot be scared at any point of the game, as you have to beat the evils to survive in the game. There is excitement and thrills in every step of the game. Play it for a while and you are guaranteed to feel a sense of being dead. So if you are a fan of supernatural genre then this game is a must play for you. It’s been ages since a game like Five Nights at Freddy’s, it is truly scaring and before I give you more details about the game a little bit of warning, do not play the game in the night when you are alone. If you are weak hearted you may actually faint by some of the visuals on the screen.

What is it about?

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror survival game as I already mentioned before. There is blood and the graphic and picture quality is so superb that sometimes the creature that comes out is too scary. This game visually is one of the best video games that have ever created. It is an indie which is better than the studio made games in every respect. The best thing about the game is the way you react and jump on screen gives you Goosebumps. So if the maker’s intention was to scare the users then I have to say that they are 100 % successful.


The hallways, the lighting everything creates a real scary atmosphere.  But make no mistake; the game is still very simple and easy to play. You do not have to struggle to learn the moves to play it. But as a beginner it is hard to pass the first few levels because of the shocks, another thing is that no matter how many times you play the game it will never be predictable. The game begins at 12 midnight and you have until 6 a.m. to play, and the clock is constantly ticking on your screen, this will also add the thrill factor. Freddy and his friends are against all kind of evil and there is only metal door working as their guard between them and those supernatural enemies. There is a camera on watchman’s head and you have to control that via a mouse. This is very important element in going ahead on the game.

The android and iOS game is like those movies where you do not know till the end that what is going to happen. This game is no child’s play. So please do not gift this to a child, even for adults only at your own risk, it is not for people with weak heart.